Love-A four letter simple word, but is it as simple as it spells.

A mother hiding her true relation with her daughter, dumping her on her ailing old parents to look after and take care of in order to pursue her other interests ,being deeply ambitious and blinded by ambition finally murdering her own daughter.

Youngsters today are scared of commitment. Spending a good amount of time with someone only to leave that someone …why? Because they don’t think they want to get into the hassle of being in a serious committed relationship. Because being emotional today is not the right thing to do move ahead in life and of course all this at the pretext of building one’s career or different priorities in life.

Siblings parting ways because of differences in terms of social stature, money or minor misunderstandings which pave way for rifts thereby breaking a relationship which is supposed to be one of the most strong and beautiful relation.

Best of friends backstabbing each other, becoming jealous of each other’s success and accomplishment and parting ways eventually.

Parents being left alone by their own children citing lack of time, convenience, career aspirations or other priorities as excuses.

These are just few examples of many weird things which are happening in our world right now. Not that I am extremely emotional to vent out all this and even if I am it’s something I am really proud of. But has love become so insignificant in this world that we breach the limits of humanity and leave the people who are supposed to be the closest to us for things which are actually insignificant. I am not saying one’s career is not important or one should not take up one’s ambition in life but is it not important to give love back to the people who actually deserve it. It’s just a feeling we need to reciprocate back. All we need to do is to muster the courage to accept the people around us the way they are.

Love blooms everywhere, we only need to nurture it wherever we can. Is forgiving so hard that we choose to remain enclosed in the walls we have built around us, lonely and alone rather than breaking those walls and making a gesture. I think it’s definitely something to think about and ponder on.


Movie Review-Drishyam


A brilliantly written story, intense and gripping ,simple yet astonishing and an end which makes you open your mouth wide open. This film is a proof of how a good story when executed well overshadows all the possible flaws in the movie in terms of mediocre acting from the biggies of Bollywood like Ajay Devgan and the pretty yet inexperienced Shriya Saran. Tabu however was flawless and proved her mettle with her power packed performance yet again. Rajat kappor and the other supporting cast also did their job well in their respective roles.

What compelled me to write about this movie was it’s story originally written by  Jeethu Joseph  which comes out at par with one of those Hollywood suspense/ thriller crime murder mysteries. One  does not get to see such movies made in Bollywood often where the movies have such predictable stories that you can guess all of it just after a few minutes into watching it.

The first half of the Hindi version is a bit slow and  mostly focuses on building up the story and its characters but the second half picks up pace with such force that one ends up biting one’s fingernails.I particularly towards the end of the movie was almost up from my seat in the theater. It’s a shame that movies like Drishyam don’t end up earning or making quite a lot of money. Drishyam is an intelligent movie which is nothing complicated in its plot unlike most thrillers and Hollywood movies like Intersteller and Inception.

One cannot really compare it to an episode of crime tele series like CID or “How to get away with murder” even though it’s all about how to perfectly conceive a crime/murder. What makes it different is the simplicity in its execution and story line. So simple yet so powerful.

One simple concept has been strung across the entire movie so beautifully and the end in particular is so outstanding that I think I will remember this movie for a long time to come. However,those who have already seen the Malayali version with the superstar Mohanlal in it did not much like the Hindi version owing to the mellowed down performance of the lead actors as compared to the actors in the malayali version and also some changes in the original story line but nevertheless thumbs up to the efforts of director Nishikant Kamat for making it in Hindi and bringing it across the Hindi viewers.

This one is surely a must watch and should not be missed.



I am no saint, I am no priest,maybe I am also no atheist.As here I am remembering Him.I don’t think about Him regularly yet somehow He calms me when everything fails to clear my head.How can I not believe in Him I ask myself now.He might not be in form but yes He is around somehow.Like the gentle breeze which we cannot see but can sure feel.I don’t visit temples often or read prayers.Its belief, its faith…you associate it with a form and name it or just keep it the way you want.You can chose to call it your inner voice, your gut, your invisible power.But there is something in some way which helps you be at ease and stay sane.It keeps you moving and  roving your boat amidst the hurricane.And that something is Him…:)

Money matters…


So today was personally kind of an eventful day for me.I guess it’s really high time when  I learn to make my own decisions and that too with lot of reason and judgement.Before this,while even spending more than a thousand bucks I used to ask my mom’s opinion on it.But today,at work(Internship) I was asked to look into the financial’s of a client and give a judgement as to if he is worthy enough to be given a loan of 5 Million and with proper justifications.I might have to make such daunting and highly risky decisions if I choose to be in this line of profession or at other stages of my corporate life. So,I tried my best at it and after a while I was done,I, passed it over to a senior colleague of mine for review.I am sure I want it to be reviewed,so that I learn from my mistakes and learn to take critical decisions like this not only regarding my future company’s money but also regarding the money I earn.Finance and risk go hand in hand they say, but one got to learn to manage one’s money sometime.The sooner one learns ,the better it is.

Key Takeaways

key takeaways

I have been interning in a financial firm for the last three and a half months now and I still have almost a month more to go.It has been my first real corporate exposure and only yesterday I had a presentation regarding an update on the projects done by me during my internship till now with the senior management and once I was done with a nervous yet a decent show of my work I was asked a very obvious question by the CEO of the organisation.”What was your major takeaway?”I replied mostly about my takeaways and leanings with respect to my domain knowledge and since I had to keep it short and crisp and honesty does not work everywhere I could not share my major non-domain leanings.I might have to (most definitely I guess) present a report on my internship in my college as well when I join my college back.Some of these leanings are quite eye opening and practical but brutally honest as well.Hence these are not meant to be shared on platforms which directly or indirectly impact your career.

One of my professors who taught us HR( I never cared about his teachings or the subject before,but i guess whatever he told made sense) has said on the very first day of his lecture,” The way ahead towards success is an organisation is not dependent on your technical know how but it’s majorly based on how you make your path amidst the people’s maze.”So here are a few brutally honest learnings. It.It might not be true for everyone but I found them to be true in my case.

1.You will always find at least one such person in your organisation who you will have to interact with on a regular basis who is a complete jerk.It can be your boss, your boss’s  boss(leading to a  trickle down effect of “being a jerk”) or a fellow colleague and you got to learn to deal with them as you simply cannot avoid them.

2.You will also find some genuinely helpful and positive people who will lift your spirits up or make you smile on a dull day.

3.Do not piss the H R.They might seem to be the most useless people in the organisation (no offence) but they have a lot of control on the most important reason why you even go to work;your salary. You fuck with them, and they will fuck with you real bad.

4.The free food in the office in the form of cakes and samosas and other junk food (which comes on every birthday which happens in the company, and almost 3-4 such birthdays always fall in a month) should not be hogged on only because its free.It can make you gain weight like crazy.

5.Almost all the office canteen catering services are by south Indians(exceptions are there few times though) and if in case your office canteen catering service is provided by a south Indian be prepared to eat Neer Dosas and sambhar ,Rasam, and curries made in coconut oil almost everyday.

6.Since Interns and contract labourers are not provided the company transportation on the justification that the office busses cannot take in more people,no matter even if you find yourself standing and waiting for a BEST bus while its raining crazy and the office bus passes by you almost empty,take a deep long breath and stay calm.

7.The office quarter end parties are real fun.You as an intern do not get invited to them quite often and if you luckily get an invite do not miss it.

8.In case you get a coupon for free and unlimited boozing for the office quarter end party,do not feel cautious about the fact,”log kya sochenge?”.Do not think about it,it’s free and no one gives a damn if you drink or not.Go ahead and enjoy as long as you can be in control after all that free booze.

9.Be true to what you are.Do not pretend.If you cannot suck up to others,don’t do it.Pretensions wont last long.And if you want to last long in a company,be what you are from day one.

10.Always find ways to improve yourself and learn new things.Come out of your comfort zone.Take up challenges.It’s hard,but it will be totally worth it and will pay you back sometime or the other. Knowledge never goes waste(my mom says that statement so often!)The sooner you learn the better it will be.Do not try to avoid complex things,they will come and bite your ass at some point or the other.

11.People will try to pull you down or demotivate you but always keep your self sane.It’s not wrong to fall but it’s wrong  not to get up on your feet back once you have fallen.

12.Always stay positive.Negativity never helps.There is always something good hidden in all the situations.

13.Always leave work on time(if possible before time would be good too!) Do not let the stress  of corporate life take a toss on you.

14.Cling on to the hope,that Friday will come soon and you will have two days of awesomeness where you will not have to travel in cramped trains,run after buses or even get up at 6 am in the morning.

15 Last but not the least if you love your job,Great! If you don’t, ,”Your account has been credited” is a very strong motivator to continue.

The Gen-Y Girls!

Piku deepika

Deepika Padukone In Piku

kangana queen

Kangana Ranaut in Queen

Tanu weds manu kangana

Kangana Ranaut in double role in Tanu weds Manu Returns

I am a single girl living in a metro. I have been bestowed with very understanding parents, a caring elder sibling and the gift of good education. But more than that I think one of the greatest blessing of all has been the times in which I came into existence. This is by far one of the best times to be a girl in India. The times are changing and have changed to a great extent with respect to the prospective of the Indian society towards a girl.

My mother is a highly educated woman. In fact I would call her more educated than I am. She is a double graduate and also holds a masters degree in science. She wanted to pursue her PhD but she got married before she could go ahead with it. All her male batch mates with her in her masters are now successful scientists or researchers in India and abroad while most of her female batch mates are just like her. Married off and now housewives with kids studying or doing jobs. Some of them got married even before my mom got married. Those were the times when the ideal thing for any girl in her early twenties used to be get a decent education enough to get a decent groom and get married to retire into the family life. But slowly the thinking has changed. The times have evolved.I for the matter of fact was brought up right from my childhood to be fiercely independent in every way possible. I have been given the same opportunities which were given to my brother. I am encouraged to pursue a career and allowed to be serious about it too and to be financially, socially and emotionally independent.

Movies are a reflection of the changing times in a society .Be it the patriotism laden movies in the 1940-50’s to the current period. Movies like Queen, Piku, Tanu Weds Manu Returns are a perfect example of how today’s woman has evolved over all these years. All the lead characters in these movies are shown to be either moving towards independence or are already independent. The journey of a woman towards liberalization has been central to all these movies. The leading ladies are all mentally strong, emotionally stable and have it all in them to give the men stiff competition. They are in all sense equal to men in every respect. These ladies are bold, strong, confident and courageous. Heartbreaks make them vulnerable but that does not stop them from lifting them up and moving on. Rani of Queen is left by her to-be husband just one day before their wedding, but that does not stops her from exploring that there is so much more to her personality  and her life than being a shadow of her husband and leading a sultry life of a housewife in Rajouri,Delhi. Similarly, Piku is totally a woman of today working as an architect in Delhi and living with her elderly father. Choosing to be with him and supporting him through all his weird ways and putting up with him realizing the fact that she is the only child and she cannot abandon her father. Her life revolves around her and her father. She is professionally successful, young, attractive and involved in casual relations which her father is quite informed about. She clearly mentions that whoever marries her will have to adopt her 70 year old aged father. She has her priorities set and is firm on them .And in the very recent one, Tanu weds Manu Returns which is a sequel of the 2011 hit Tanu Weds Manu in which we have already been introduced to the lively ,outrageous ,unconventional and free-spirited Tanuja Trivedi  aka Tanu. She is portrayed similarly in the sequel as well but what is worth watching is the character of Kusum aka Datto again portrayed by  Kangana Ranaut who is in a double role in this movie. Kusum is a student of Delhi University, a state level athlete and basically belongs to a small village in Haryana. She is encouraged and supported by her elder brother living in Delhi who has progressive thoughts about girls and how girls have gone so ahead in today’s time. The fierceness with which Kusum fights for Manu and expresses her desire to marry Manu despite of the fact that Manu was on the verge of a divorce with Tanu and  from a different caste. The way she retorts to Tanu’s insult by telling her that she is not illiterate but in fact on the reverse despite her heavy Haryanvi accent and weak spoken English she is far more capable enough to support herself and her family unlike Tanu who has always led life first on her parent’s money and now on Manu’s money has no self worth. This was enough for Tanu to hold her head in shame and repent on her actions and she yearns to get back with Manu. These movies are simple yet such an eye opener as to how the girls in today’s time are demanding what they truly deserve. How a girl today is exploring and is willing to experiment with her life and moreover how there are some people who are contributing to such a change in the form of parents, siblings or other broad-minded people.

After all they say, why should boys have all the fun…:)


All I want…

All I want is just a bit of love

Some pure unadulterated senile love

love which melts my heart like sugar

All I want is just a pinch of that care

That unconditional and sometimes irrational care

All I want is a warm fuzzy hug

which wakes me up from despair

All I want is that gentle and delicate yet passionate emotion

that makes us clasp our hands tight together

All I want is the wind of such warmth between us

that  love just oozes out flawlessly

All I want is that stealthy glance that amazes me

those mischievous eyes and the mushy feel of your palms

All I want is a joyous smile on my face knowing that u’ll always be there….:)